Virginia Beach One Story Homes

Here you will find the latest Virginia Beach single story or one story homes that are active on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) refreshed hourly always providing up to date information faster than Zillow, REALTOR®.com, and Trulia.  Whether a downsizer, first time homebuyer, or looking for a single story home you will find here.

virginia beach one story homes

Virginia Beach One Story Homes for Sale 

This all came about when a partner of mine became very involved with finding one story homes for clients that desired no stairs.  The client needed to sell their current property and needed help in finding a one story house. Frankly, the constant up and down of the stairs were becoming a burden and they were ready to move.

Finding the perfect home for these clients was a challenge but we were able to solve the need.  I soon realized that this process requires extensive research as people have different circumstances and needs.  

Many people and homeowners are “done” dealing with stairs and need a one story home, whether bad knees, hip replacement, or just mobility issues.  In today’s rapidly baby boomer generation the need for one story homes is only growing.  Good one story homes will be scarce and in demand.  

One story homes also make sense for other reasons.  Homeowners downsizing from bigger homes, children have left the “nest”, and most just tired of doing a large amount of yard work.  Many one story home owners just want this to be their last move.  Many new home buyers want a one story home in Virginia Beach for ease of keeping track of their children.

Most home builders have stopped building Ranch one story homes as the most bang for the buck is made with two story homes.  However, many of these style homes do exist in Over 55 communities such as West Neck where one-two bedrooms are downstairs and then a guest loft or bedroom(s) up the stairs.  Also, within West Neck are condos that have the garage located on the bottom level and the living area on the 2nd floor accessible with an elevator in many of these properties.  

There are many other great reasons to downsize to a one story home including ease of emptying the groceries, laundry ease,  and proximity to the bedroom(s). Our team of REALTORS(R) eagerly await to help you find the right Virginia Beach One Story Home (or condo) to meet your desires now or in the future.  

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Virginia Beach One Story Homes For Sale