Homes in the Salem HS district

Address: 1993 Sundevil Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23464


The median single home price in the Salem HS district is around $271,000 making it one of the more affordable areas in Virginia Beach. See all homes for sale and homes by price break in the Salem HS area below. 

Other schools within the Salem HS district include:

Indian Lakes Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Salem Middle School

Rosemont Elementary

It is a must that you always confirm a home's school district by visiting the Virginia Beach Public Schools website.  District assignments can and do change.  

Salem HS is located in the southwest part of Virginia Beach with numerous well established neighborhoods and communities surrounding the area. Also, there are numerous new construction properties available for purchase. 


Minutes to the Virginia Beach oceanfront, Sandbridge Beach, golf courses, shopping and many restaurants

Other Virginia Beach High Schools you might be interested in:

·  Kellam HS

·  Ocean Lakes HS

·  Cox HS

·  First Colonial HS


Salem HS Homes for Sale