Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads Navy Federal Realty Plus - Or is it a Minus?  

Just so you know, Navy Federal offers this cash rebate by contracting with outside vendors to offer a rebate to members with their preferred real estate partners. You are not required to use their preferred "vendor or real estate agent" to get a Navy Federal mortgage.  In good conscience, they should offer this below program to their members to save you $$$$.  The USAA program is worse in most amounts.

"My program" is available in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg (or all of Hampton Roads/Virginia). 

The Navy Federal Realty Plus program is a predefined amount of money that can be rebated.   Read below or Check their site out here to view the amounts.

By using “my program” the amount is much better based on your purchase price so you are not “capped” as with the Navy Federal Realty Plus program.  See the chart below.

navy federal realty plus virginia beach

You can see the subtle difference in “rebate” amount. The amount the member saves with our program grows further apart as the purchase price increases.   

Using "My Plan" you can greatly increase your “net” to be used towards closing costs (as allowed by lender), upgrades, repairs, or a myriad of other things. 

NFCU states on their website you will receive your cash back 3-4 weeks later.  With our program you can receive your cash back immediately at closing (on the closing statement).  No hassles, just agreed upon in writing in the standard buyer-broker agreement.

Contact me to get started it's a no brainer.