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What is a gated community?

Generally speaking, a community that has secured or controlled entry with a gate.  Some developments have more than one gate.  Visitor are strictly controlled.  Many gated communities have an officer or guard that ensures only residents are allowed entry but also controls visitor activity.  Many of the gated communities in Virginia Beach have just an access card or FOB to gain entrance and now full-time guard.  gated communities virginia beach and hampton roadsThe latter is often seen with smaller condo gated communities.  There is no limit to the size of a gated communities and many may have 100s of homes or some very small.  Example: a golf course gated community may have hundreds of homes in the area or surrounding the course. 

Why a gated community? 

Many homeowners are attracted to the extra level of security that a gated community may provide.  A general goal of a gated community is to provide that other layer of safety that is not found in a traditional condo or home development.  How do we add that additional level of security?  The simple way is by eliminating traffic through the gated community.  Also, the upside is a safer neighborhood for the children to walk or play plus keeping car accidents to a minimum if any.  If the gated community has a full time security guard that potentially keeps any chance of vandalism or other crimes to a minimum.


Not discounting safety, but gated communities in Virginia Beach offer other “positives” to residents. Those may include access to public areas, such as tennis courts, pool(s), club house, or other amenities.  Large golf course of other gated communities generally have a mix of luxury homes with higher income residents.  However, in Virginia Beach and elsewhere in Hampton Roads you can find gated communities in just about all price points. 

Economic Impact

Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads gated communities have a significant impact on the local economy in many directions.  The condos or homes within the gated communities tend to retain their value compared to those not inside a gated community.  Not true always, but the niche has its benefits.  If the Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads is populated with luxury home and high income producing citizens the tax base can be improved. 


As mentioned earlier, not every gated community provides the degree of safety many residents expect. Without a robust security plan in place, inferior security may be no safer than the local  neighborhoods outside the gated community.  Lastly, gated communities come with a cost generally in the form of a Home Owners or Property Association Management fee.  The fee generally never goes down as the cost of maintenance and/or security tends to rise with time.  However, if in a high-end gated community development this is probably of no concern.  But, as we mentioned earlier gated communities do exist in all price ranges in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads so POA or HOA fees may be of concern. 

Summary:  I like gated communities and believe they are good for certain types of developments.  Should you desire to see any of the gated community homes pictured on this site please do not hesitate to contact me for appointments. 

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