Is a first impression valuable to potential buyers? You bet!! You may only have a short chance with a first impression —  so make it good with professional Virginia Beach Listing Photos that inspire the potential buyer to look further at your home. virginia beach listing photos

So before your big move, you must consider your REALTOR'S advice and do the professional pictures that highlight your home and instill that WOW factor.  Pictures can keep the potential Your buyer viewing your home online and possibly result in a showing.  Our goal is to sell the house quickly and lousy photos on the web can and will prevent showings. 

We have compiled several best practices (and some not so good practices) for Virginia Beach Listing Photos that will help your property get maximum views online and give it the best attention possible.  Check out our best practices below and let us know if you have other thoughts.

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #1: You need a beautiful photo highlighting the front of the home from the curb or street. 

Curb Appeal is King!  Prospective buyers will stay longer on the listing (or decide in seconds if not appealing) whether this is a potentially useful fit worthy of a showing or move on to the next property.

The photo must be convincing and attractive with the entire house in the picture.  Eliminate any distractions such as vehicles in driveway or street that may be blocking the photo. 

The curb photo: Make sure your photo shot is level and not angled either direction.

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #2: The Entrance

Often overlooked is the front door and entryway.  Make sure the door has a fresh coat of paint, the porch is inviting with flowers/plants or something neutral.  Set a positive mood at the entryway to your home. 

Don’t: Make it arduous for potential buyers to view your home.

Get rid of any signs or "stuff" that detract from the home before photos are taken.  We want to show an inviting home with the images and keep them asking for more. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #3: The "Drone" shot.

An above photo gives a bird's eye view and can highlight the lot or surrounding amenities such as a park, lake, or waterfront.

Bad Idea:  The fisheye lens.

Just do not do it as it can make spaces look smaller than they are in real life. Instead, stay with the standard lens and consider that smaller areas can be viewed as more substantial with little modifications to contents. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #4. Get a photo(s) of the high selling points of the property. 

Example:  You recently remodeled the bathroom/spa.  Keep in mind that bathrooms are excellent selling points.  Creating that "spa" feeling is enticing to buyers so highlight those features with your photos. 

Bad Idea (and stupid) Keep your photographer out of the photos where a mirror exists. 

Really?  Do I have to elaborate on this?  Nothing weirder than viewing a photo of a bathroom or other space and seeing the picture taker in the mirror. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #5. Strongly recommended, "Stage it."

Staging highlights the house and rooms within.  It eliminates clutter or other items that may be distracting to the online and potential buyer.  Staging can reflect the local area such as "beachy," "woodsy," or "urban."  We just want to keep eyeballs on the home and help the buyer see themselves in this home.  Hire a professional stager or look on the internet for helpful articles on staging yourself. 

Bad Idea:  Staging a clutter box - do not do it.

Very simple, get rid of the clutter (you will have to deal with it later when your home sells).  Once again, use the web to get helpful tips on staging and eliminate the unneeded immediately. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #6. It "tis" the season to list your home.  1

Whether new or on the market for awhile keep your photos "fresh" with the season, you are selling.  Example:  you have a front picture of the home with snow on the ground and now its Spring.  Change it to something more cheerful with colorful flowers.   Summertime?  Get those tremendous pictures of the outdoors that entice the buyer to want to be in that environment. 

Bad Idea: It is not Christmas, Halloween, or Easter all year long.

Keep your decorations simple during the holiday period and refer to the previous paragraph about updating the photo when the season is over.  Better to get great photos with no season "theme" that will last over time in the listing. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #7. If you have a great view such as waterfront, open space, or whatever let's highlight that feature. 

Views can make a deal happen.  Potential buyers often see themselves in that particular environment kayaking on a lake, sitting by the pool, or relaxing in a hammock out back.  The view can be a huge advantage so highlight it and make it look incredible.

Bad Idea:  Keep Fido out of the photos.

While most of us are pet lovers, some buyers may not be.  Keep them out of the photos of your home and keep in mind that we want to provide a buyer a picture of how they may look in their new home.

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #8. Something unique about your home design?

If you have a custom home or have done some extensive unique remodeling, then let's promote those attributes.  You may have 100-year-old repurposed wood floors that are stunning or a different elevation design on the home not found elsewhere in the area.  Showing off these details can be very positive. 

Bad Idea:  Back to the last paragraph - do not highlight ugly items.

Homes are different and may have minor defects but keep them out of the photos.  Buyers can list their pros and cons when viewing online, or at an open house.  The buyer's home inspection will capture anything significant (or minor), and it can be dealt with then.  However, if it is a minor thing just get it corrected before photos are taken of the property. 

If your budget allows, do your remodeling or home improvements before listing the home as you will reap benefits.  Ask your REALTOR(R) for advice and cost analysis. 

Virginia Beach Listing Photos #9. Nighttime photos are good. 

Why not?  We are highlighting your home and the more, the merrier.   Leave the lights on and get that outside shot. 

Bad Idea:  Dark photos suck. 

Interior photos need light.  The use of lighting and natural light provide for the best brightness and keep them looking normal. 

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