Virginia Beach Kitchen remodels come in various sizes, meaning minor, middle, or top shelf.  The major remodel or top shelf kitchen may involve a total gutting of the kitchen which can approach the $60,000 price tag with new appliances, sink(s), countertops, fixtures, painting, backsplash, and flooring says contractors and remodelers.  virginia beach kitchen remodels

The good news is that Virginia Beach remodels/kitchen projects yielded a higher return than bath projects, with a minor kitchen remodel adding 82.7 percent of the project's cost back to the home's value. ... Now a $50,000 remodel to a kitchen in a $100,000 house is unlikely to yield $50,000 in value, although it may make you a happy foodie.

A middle kitchen redo using existing cabinets will save dollars but still comes in at an approximate $21,000.00 price tag.  Not included which will add to this price are additional labor, individual contractors such as electricians or plumbers who can occur with kitchens. 

How can we bring down the cost of the Virginia Beach kitchen remodels?  Several contractors and remodelers provide some tips to you should consider below: 

How long will you live there? If planning to move in a short period such as 2-4 years then you must keep resale in the picture (you should always consider resale when doing home upgrades).  If planning on being in the home for many years that will have a bearing on the remodel you may want to consider. 

virginia beach kitchen remodelsIf considering resale, then your ideas should include nice cabinets and newer appliances.  This is what we typically see in the median priced homes in Virginia Beach.

Conversely, if staying in the home for many years then customizing the kitchen for the way you want it should be your process.   Does this mean going out and buying a Viking refrigerator for a remodel – probably not?  Typically, we see the more expensive kitchen remodels in Virginia Beach in homes above the median price tag. (such as luxury homes)

Next:  What do you want your kitchen to look like within the constraints of the space?

Popular today are open kitchens that flow into a family or great room, space you spend most of your time within. 

Storage and the Pantry.

One of the most common items buyers look for is a pantry and storage – don’t shortcut this space and include a nice pantry with your remodel. 

Your cabinets should be functional

What is functional?  Maybe you need pull-out large drawers for pots and pans vice just standard cabinets with a shelf. Perhaps you need the vertical thin type cabinet for large flat pans or a spice cabinet?  Thinking about these items will ensure you have a remodeled kitchen that meets your needs.

What are your ideas for the perfect kitchen remodel? Let me know!