Calling all dog lovers! As you begin to search for your dream home in Virginia Beach, we know that your furry friend’s opinion matters. Aside from the key points to consider when buying a home in the area, dog owners must look for neighborhoods that welcome their fur baby with open arms.  dog park virginia beach

Homes will have different pet policies. Virginia beach condos, for example, might have stricter policies depending on the HOA.  When you are buying a single-family home in an older neighborhood, you might not face the HOA, but the community could be colder to dogs.

In truth, puppy parameters will differ based on where you live in Virginia Beach.  So how do you identify a neighborhood that loves dogs as much as you do? Here are seven traits of a dog-friendly area.

1.      Other dogs. It’s always a good sign when you see neighbors in the area with dogs.

2.      Pet shops. Having pet stores, veterinary offices, and grooming stores in the vicinity indicates an optimal place to settle down with a dog.

3.      Dog parks. There are a few notable dog parks, which include Wayville Farms Park, Red Wing Park (my favorite and close to home) & Woodstock Park. Some of these parks even have off-leash policies so your dog can run free. Real estate in that area would be ideal for any dog lover.

4.      Large sidewalks. You want to look for a neighborhood with a lot of walking areas, whether that is sidewalks or larger grass areas.

5.      Pet friendly restaurants. You don’t want to leave you dog alone at night, so make sure you check out pet-friendly restaurants in Virginia Beach and base your real estate research there.  

6.      Doggie bag dispensers. Some neighborhoods will have free doggie bag dispensers on the streets. If you see these, you have hit paradise.

7.      Meetup groups. Get online and explore the dog Meetup groups in Virginia Beach. You can get a good idea of pet friendly neighborhoods based on where these groups congregate. 


Once you find that perfect neighborhood that shares a passion for pooches, you can use a home affordability calculator to determine how much you can realistically spend on a home, given your income, credit score, and ideal zip code.  

Questions about Virginia Beach real estate?  Contact Dennis Blackmore here and I will gladly assist with your home search - I love dogs (all animals really).