Realty Plus Navy Federal is a cash rebate program for buyers and sellers. However, it is limited in scope on the amount of the rebate which will be between $400.00 and $5050.00 per their website. Their Realty Plus realty plus navy federal
program promises assignment of an experienced real estate agent from a national brokerage. Navy Federal is able to contract with these nation-wide brokerages who give up a portion of their fee (commission) to create the "rebate".  The brokerage assigns who the real estate agent will be.   ....Now read on...

[su_heading size="20" margin="40"]Dennis was great! He helped me to design a bid to beat a competing offer. He answered all of my questions immediately and quickly developed a strong sense of what I was looking for in a house. He was friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend him (read more reviews here).[/su_heading]

Realty Plus Navy Federal How To Better It

What You Get:

  • Ten year experienced REALTOR(R)/Agent Owner with Creed Realty in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads
  • Resident of Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads for over 32 years (knowledge of the area)
  • Hampton Roads REALTOR(R) Association Circle of Excellence Award 2013.
  • Retired Naval Officer who understands the rigors of military moves and finding the right property for the family.
  • Member of the Real Estate Information Network Multiple Listing Service offering thousands of homes for free preview.  Enhanced Internet Data Exchange which provides expanded information on homes and numerous methods to search for your ideal home or location.  (See examples here)
  • References
  • Expanded marketing plan for "Sellers".  So if selling and then buying your savings can be "huge" versus Realty Plus Navy Federal.
  • Honesty about the process, the neighborhoods, and properties viewed.
  • Simplified "My Plan" Cash Rebate:

  1. One (1%) rebate on your home purchase.  Example:  Realty Plus Navy Federal promises $1200.00 rebate on purchase price of $210,000.  My Plan would be 1% of the purchase price or $2100.00 - an increase of over $800.00 to you.  Furthermore, "My Plan" gets better as the purchase price increases versus Realty Plus.
  2. My Plan allows you to use whatever lender you desire - You can still use NFCU or you can "shop" the loan and potentially get equal or better terms.
  3. My Plan has no limit on rebate amount - you can get more than $5050.00 on higher priced properties.
  4. My Plan rebates the money immediately to you at closing - no waiting for a check.
  5. My Plan offers you the ability to use the cash rebate towards closing or other costs - no restrictions.
  6. My Plan will indicate the 1% cash rebate on the buyer/broker written agreement we sign.

Why Not "My Plan" For More Cash Savings - Need more information - contact me here.