Homearama home made in usaFor those of you not young enough to remember, "Made in America" used to be a common statement found on products.   Builder T.E. Jones is trying to replicate "Made in America" with his Homearama Home at Culpepper Landing.

His efforts to support American manufacturers and companies is commendable.

Josh Brown's article in last week's pilot-online about this builder highlighted all the challenges with building a home strictly from American products.

Some comparisons with US versus Foreign supplies include:


Item: US Made Foreign Made
Interior Trim $1.56 per foot $0.66 per ft
(Oregon trim versus Chile)
Anchor Bolts $1.50 each $1.40 each
(American bolts slightly easier to use)
Studs $3.90 each $2.78 each
(Switched from Canadian spruce to southern yellow pine)
Recessed light fixtures $20.00 $8.00
(American made almost same as China made)
Drywall Screws $235.00 per box $44.00 per box
(American made drywall screws were of comparable quality to Chinese
but design was poor.   Required more time)
Light Switches $1.37 $0.54
(American made meant moving from 15 to 20 amp switches.  They are
heavier duty and higher grade but no difference in use or installation)

Appliances were a challenge also.   High End Sub-Zero and Wolf products and were purchased at cost compliments of the manufacturer.

Careful not to price himself out of the home building market, Jones estimates that his use of Made in America products only resulted in a 3% increase in the cost of construction.  We say great job!!

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