There are many more great reasons to make Virginia Beach your home and a wonderful place to own real estate.

1. Location, location, location - the most famous words in real estate. Virginia Beach has that and much more.

2. Schools........What do parents want for their children - good schools. See school "report cards"and why Virginia Beach has some of the best.
3. Virginia Beach's Atlantic Ocean - in its beauty.
4. Sandbridge Beach - One of the best kept secrets. See the neighborhood.

5. The Chesapeake Bay and all its beauty.

6. Virginia Beach Restaurant Guide.

7. Virginia Beach Weather -Mild winters, nice summers.

8. The Museums - So many great ones

9. The Virginia Aquarium at the Beach - This is a must see.

10. Back Bay in Virginia Beach - A wildlife refuge.

Stay tuned for 11-99 coming up. :)

Also Virginia Beach Information for future homeowners