It’s common wisdom that staging your house will help it sell faster. It’s a guideline that applies to the inside, and to the outside of your home as well. Help prospective buyers imagine your yard as their outdoor oasis with these six tips.

1. A Lush, Green Yard

The first rule of staging your outdoor living space is setting the stage. That means getting your lawn in tiptop shape. Go outside and take a good look at your lawn. Is it full of weeds or brown patches? Is it overgrown? Or cut too close? You can attack lawn weeds with a post-emergent herbicide. Brown patches are often caused by pests or fungus but can be treated with the right diagnosis and a trip to the gardening store. Keep your lawn on a regular mowing and watering schedule, and it will reward you with a thick, bright green carpet of grass.

2. Defining Outdoor Spaces



Buyers can’t always imagine how each space in your home — both indoors and outdoors — is meant to be used. Rather than leaving them guessing, spell it out for them. In an area meant for lounging, like a deck, place comfy outdoor furniture arranged around a firepit. Put a table and chairs on a covered patio, to showcase it as an outdoor dining room, where they will linger over meals under the stars. If you have a pool, showcase this space with matching recliners and a cabana. This will paint a picture of lazy summer afternoons ... without your buyers having to work too hard for that idea. This is the time to throw out any old, or mismatched lawn furniture and declutter the space.

3. Party-Ready

What separates home staging from sprucing up is making prospective buyers imagine the home is theirs. That means if you have a table and chairs defining an outdoor dining space — set the table with plates, silverware, and drinkware. Imagine wine glasses placed among casual dinnerware in summery colors on straw placemats. You can practically see the dinner party, just add people. Make your outdoor space look like it’s waiting for your buyers to sit down and enjoy.

4. Lighting



Lighting can sell your yard and your home. Install a few solar lights to illuminate the walkway and landscaping, or put up strings of fairy lights along a pergola. Rather than hoping a real estate agent explains how magical the outdoor living space is, lights cast a warm glow and highlight important features. They'll also tell buyers how many memories of their own they might make in your outdoor living space.

5. Garden With an Edge

Two of the hottest trends in gardening right now are container gardens and vertical gardens. These easy-to-install gardens can add charm and color to your patio, deck, or yard. A container garden is as simple as mix-and-match pots of planted flowers and place them strategically along the patio and yard. Plant a window box of herbs within a couple of steps from an outdoor kitchen. A vertical garden is as easy as hanging plants along a wall or a fence, or a trellis — or any way you can stack plants on top of each other. The ideas are endless, and the end result should be an eye-catching garden that adds to the charm of your yard.

6. Neutral Exterior Colors Sell

One more thing you should consider when staging your outdoor living space — what color is your house? Experts say home buyers generally don’t like strong, bold colors on a home’s exterior — and your home’s exterior walls are a part of your yard. Colors such as putty, gray, wheat and white may not excite you, but they sure are a lot easier to stage than a brick-red or Pepto pink home. They are also a lot more likely to convince a buyer to make an offer.


The key to staging any part of your home is to make it easier for a buyer to imagine it as theirs. In 2019, the outside of a home can matter as much as the inside of a home, as more people see their yards as a place to relax, entertain or enjoy. This extra effort on your part could pay off with a quicker, and bigger offer.


William Dukes is a freelance writer and home decorator. He spends most of his time landscaping and fixing up and flipping old houses. He and his wife enjoy home DIY projects and recently built a new barn for their ranch.

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